Double D is a full service construction trucking company primarily servicing the greater Bay Area and surrounding counties with a modern fleet that includes the following types of trucks:

  • Bottom dumps – both semi and double bottoms
  • Semi-ends – both standard side and highside demo
  • Transfer dumps
  • Super dumps
  • Super tags
  • Super 10s
  • 10 wheelers
  • Lowbeds – 5,6, 9 axle and landoll trailers
  • Flatbeds

We are able to quote tonnage, per load or hourly rates. Our proprietary custom app improves trucker performance in many ways, including tracking vehicle location and creating electronic freight bills. For jobs with limited space on-site we are able to stage trucks off-site, and communication is made easy with our 24-hour hotline.



Join Our Team! We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

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